Water & Sewer

Upper Leacock Township Municipal Authority owns the public water and sewer systems and has an agreement with Upper Leacock Township and their employees to operate and maintain both systems. The service area includes Upper Leacock Township and portions of West Earl Township.

The Authority consists of five appointed members who meet at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month.

The billing for our water/sewer customers is broken into three cycles
  1. Route 1 (Bareville): Due on the 15th of: March, June, September, December
  2. Route 2 (Leola): Due on the 15th of: January, April, July, October
  3. Route 3 (Leacock): Due on the 15th of: February, May, August, November

Customers are billed quarterly for the previous three (3) months usage. We read your water meter, remotely, on the 15th of the month. The bill goes out the 1st of the following month and is due the 15th of that month. Your first bill could be prorated to reflect the date of purchase to the end of the quarter.

*Our policy is to bill the property owner rather than the tenant.*

Ways to Pay Your Bill

  • Mail or bring in a check to the Upper Leacock Township Office
    • For after-hours drop off, there is a drop-box located to the left of the front door around the corner.
  • Online via our website
  • Direct debit from your checking or savings account can be set-up at the Township office.

We have sewer customers served by gravity and low pressure grinder pump systems. Low pressure systems are connected into a grinder tank with a control panel. If you are a low pressure sewer customer and the light on your control panel starts blinking, it is your responsibility to notify Upper Leacock Township, using the emergency number (717) 656-9755. This is an indication that a problem exists and needs to be checked at no cost to you. The same procedure applies if there is a water emergency where a leak is detected along the street or on your property.

The Water Department is responsible for the water lateral from the water main to your curb stop, and for the water meter inside your home or business. The property owner is responsible for the water lateral from the curb stop to the building.

The water for the Upper Leacock Township water system is drawn from various wells in the Township, with a back-up connection to the Lancaster City water system. The water is softened and chlorinated, the pH is adjusted to control corrosion, and nitrates are removed to meet DEP standards.

We have around the clock emergency service for both the sewer and water departments by calling (717) 656-9755.