Residents of Upper Leacock Township are able to choose one of our seven approved trash haulers for their trash and recycling pick-up needs.

See Trash Collector List for their contact information.
The way we recycle is changing, but with the help of LCSWMA we can sort it out.

goes in the bin

Don't be a "wishful recycler"! You may think you're helping the environment by throwing more in the bin but it may actually be more harmful. 

**The township no longer sells key cards for the compost facility on Locust Street in Talmage.**

Upper Leacock residents are still able to purchase these cards from the West Earl municipal building for $20 (residential users) and $50 (commercial users) located at 157 W. Metzler Road in Brownstown.

** Not sure where to go for specific recycling materials? Check with Earth911 **