• Main Entrance

    Main Entrance

    Entrance for Zoning and Township Offices

  • Meeting Room Entrance

    Meeting Room Entrance

    To the right of Main Entrance, around back

  • Farmlands


    Farmlands of Upper Leacock Township PA

  • Hunsecker's Mill Covered Bridge

    Hunsecker's Mill Covered Bridge

    Covered Bridge over the Conestoga River, crosses into Manheim Township

Recycling Information! »

Yard Waste, Rechargeable Batteries, Electronics, Used Motor Oil and more information!

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Amendment »

This is a Legal Notice of an Amendment to an Ordinance.

Sign Up for Rave Alert Emergency Notifications »

Swift911 has been changed to Rave Alert.  You will need to set up an account with Rave Alert to...

Campaign Signs »

PennDOT Reminds Candidates that Campaign Signs Are Prohibited Within State Right-of-Way

Sump Pump Information! »

With the recent flooding, it's more important than ever to not hook your sump pump into the sewer tank.Thank you!

  • Paperless

    Get Your W/S Bill Emailed!

    We made it easier to switch to e-mail only billing! More »