Leaf Disposal

Upper Leacock Township encourages the following methods of leaf disposal in lieu of burning:

  1. All permitted haulers in Upper Leacock Township are required to offer leaf pick-up. Call your hauler to find out what procedure for leaf pick-up they provide. Please note: Most likely, there will be an additional charge for this service.
  2. See if a farmer that resides close to you will accept leaves.
  3. Contract with a local landscaper to haul/dispose of the leaves.
  4. Purchase a mulching lawn mower to mulch leaves and return the nutrients back to the soil.
  5. Purchase a composter to compost the leaves which can be used as mulch for your flower beds in the spring.
  6. Upper Leacock Township residents are permitted to take their leaves to the compost facility in West Earl Township on Locust Street in Talmage. You may purchase a card for entry to the compost facility at the West Earl Township office.
  7. Other compost facilities are located in Manheim Township and Salisbury Township.