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Weather Parking Ordinance 2023

Burning Ordinance 2010-02

Open burning starts on Pg. 9 of the Ordinance.  If you have a complaint of someone burning, you can call East Lampeter Township Police. ... more ››

Sign Up for Rave Alert Emergency Notifications

Swift911 has been changed to Rave Alert.  You will need to set up an account with Rave Alert to continue to receive alerts... more ››


Tarp policy

Campaign Signs

PennDOT Reminds Candidates that Campaign Signs Are Prohibited Within State Right-of-Way

Sump Pump Information!

With the recent flooding, it's more important than ever to not hook your sump pump into the sewer tank.Thank you!

Zoning / Building Permit Information

For more Zoning Permit information click on "Forms & Documents" button on the Home Page.

Spotted Lanternfly Information

Helpful hints on how to get rid of these pests!Trap Informationhttp... more ››

Comcast Franchise Agreement

Feral Cats in the Township

We are aware of the feral cat issue developing in the Township and have some tips to help deter them:

Dept. of Agriculture 2018 CHEMSWEEP Program (Safe Pesticide Disposal)

To learn more about the Dept. of Agriculture's Safe Pesticide Disposal visit the link below.... more ››

What to do if you suspect a gas leak?

If you suspect a gas leak, follow the link below for information.... more ››