Water Usage & Conservation Tips


  Normal Tap Use How to Conserve

Avg full tub

36 gallons

If possible, take a shower instead.

Old shower heads = 5 gallon per minute

New shower heads = 2 gallons per minute

Take a shorter shower, or use a low-flow shower head
BRUSHING OF TEETH Avg 1 gallon per minute Turn off faucet when brushing teeth. Only turn on to rinse
SHAVING Avg 1 gallon per minute Turn off faucet when shaving
DISHWASHING About 8-27 gallons depending on efficiency Install an aerator, scrape food off dishes/soak dishes before washing, use basins (one hot, one cold), not let the water run while washing each dish

Energy saving models = 6 gallons per cycle

Older models = 16 gallons per cycle

Invest in a more energy efficient dishwasher or run on shorter cycle.
WASHING HANDS/FACE Avg 1 gallon  Turn off faucet before drying hands/face. Don't run water until it gets hot.
TOILET FLUSHING Depending on tank size/model 
1.6 - 4 gallons
Check for leaks! Adjust water level in tank,or install a low-flow toilet.

Newer models = 25 gallons per load

Older models = 40 gallons per load

Run on shorter cycle or invest in energy efficient model.
OUTDOOR WATERING Avg hose around 2 gallons per minute Lowest priority- Could eliminate if desired
FAUCET   Check for leaks. Even a slow drip can waste a lot of water each day
CAR WASHING Hose Use a bucket of water to wash and rinse the car.
DRINKING WATER About 8 oz per small glass Keep a jug of water in the refrigerator.

Source: USGS Data from December 2016